Mother's Day Hot List. (94.5 Virgin Radio Vancouver)

Mother's day is coming up fast!...And we made Nira Arora of 94.5 Virgin radio's hot list for mother's day gifts!

You can check out the full list here...

Nira's notebook 

Benir Beauty Bee Venom

Majority of women love hearing about and trying out new beauty products- I know I do.  One of the things I noticed once I had my boys was that I didn’t have as much time to shop around and learn about or hear about the newest and latest products- I also did not have the disposable income to try out different products to see which one was the best and worth the bucks.  Well I’m here to tell you about the latest and greatest new skin product that mom will love!  Benir Beauty is helping you discover the benefits of adding bee venom to your beauty regime.  Benir Beauty is North America's first and only luxury skin care line to utilize the highest-grade bee venom in combination with concentrated levels of peptides, anti-oxidants and healing compounds like Copper Ferment to combat aging.  Bee venom is anti-inflammatory and noted for reducing fine lines and wrinkles, improving cell regeneration, and increasing collagen formation.   The two products that I would recommend are Benir BV-9 Platinum Bee Venom anti-aging cream which is a replacement for day, night and eye cream and the Benir BV-9 Platinum Provectus serum.  Us moms are tired, we also then just stick to what we know- this product will change her skin and give her back some of that glow she’s been missing!

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