Behind The Brand: Shelley Rollick-Collins


Introducing the visionary behind Benir's prestigious skin care products. With over 25 years of skin care experience as treatment provider, product formulator and industry innovator, Shelley knows what it takes to create a beautiful complexion. Her knowledge of organic and synthetic active ingredients allows for a unique insight when creating products that provide the greatest benefit to aging skin. 

We sat down to find out why she does what she does.

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What are your earliest memories about skincare and having an interest in it?


As a young girl, I remember often getting in trouble when we would visit friends or relatives. People soon learned that if I was too quiet, I had probably already gotten into their beauty cabinets and begun recombining and creating new products from their personal collection. I remember when I was 8 or 9 mixing my own masks and scrubs and selling them from my own “apothecary” stand out front of our house.


How did your interest in skin care get started?


I have really always had a love for the feel and the smell of a great cream. Buying my first natural cleanser at age 11 really was an early highlight.


What makes you different from the rest of the beauty industry?


I'm always genuine about what I do. I care about what's in my products, and I'm authentic when it comes to quality. I want to deliver products that are the “whole” package, full of beneficial ingredients, and that present well. "Integrity driven" skin care is extremely important to me, meaning my only goal is to create a positive change in my clients skin.


What influenced you to create your own skin care range?


Being in the industry for over 25 years, working on clients and retailing/utilizing some of the popular brands, I realized early on that many underdelivered on their promises. Many popular cosmeceutical brands are overloaded with chemicals that result in allergic reactions and other issues, or simply lack in the necessary actives.  The organic brands were prone to spoilage and mold and lacked the necessary active ingredients to create a result beyond basic hydration. I needed something for my clients that brought the best of both worlds together...thats where real lasting results happen.


What's your passion or vision for your brand?


I really want to educate women about what makes an effective product, and raise awareness beyond the marketing line. And of go global!


Tell us a little about your personal skin care routine and preferences. (we notice you have no wrinkles at 45)


I always prefer to keep things simple. My routine basically consists of a cleanser, my BV-9 peptide serum, BV-9 moisturizer and a seperate SPF product. I don't use toners, and I don't believe in separate eye, day and night products. Because I have sensitive skin that is prone to rosacea, I exfoliate twice a week with a gentle enzyme product to keep cellular turnover consistant. Because what we eat/drink reflects in our skin as well, I drink a daily (potent) organic smoothie, full of various fruits, vegetables and some vegan protein.


What do you feel is the most important part of any skin routine?


Consistency. There are so many incredible ingredients available that are able to make a difference, but many, such as peptides require time to do their job. Find products that are high in benefical ingredients and then use it daily for at least 30 days for maximum benefit.


What are some of the biggest mistakes you see people making with their skin care?


Number one is purchasing product solely based on marketing and not doing their own research into what they are actually putting on their skin. Many products are created through an over the top story and creative packaging, but with very little in the way of active ingredients. There's more to a product than just whether it feels and smells nice. The second mistake, is how they apply their products. You want the “good stuff” to get into the skin where it can do the most good. Always apply serums first, then moisturizer, any barriers like SPF, and then finally your makeup.


What do you feel is the biggest problem with the skin care industry today?


The biggest problem is the sheer amount of misleading marketing and empty promises.  The beauty industry is full of individuals with various backgrounds, such as interior designers, celebrities, socialites, etc that find prestige in lending their name to a new brand...that's kind of like letting the patient write their own pharmaceutical prescriptions.


And one of the best things?


Some companies are starting to show more integrity in responding to the growing awareness among women regarding ingredients and healthy formulation.


Finally, can you provide a quick tip for those that want to age well?


4 of the most beneficial things you can do are actually free! Drink enough water to stay hydrated, get enough sleep, cut down on sugar and number one on my list of tips...always SMILE and cultivate joy, it's the number one “anti-ager.” ( if you're using my serum you won't have have to worry at all about the wrinkles xoxo)



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