Syn-Ake® (DDBD) natures "botox" reduces dynamic lines + wrinkles


For those of us that are not huge fans of needles or simply don't like the thought of injecting neurotoxins directly into our bodies (botox), there are now topical options proven to reduce the depth of dynamic lines and wrinkles.

Dipeptide Diaminobutyroyl Benzylamide Diacetate or "Syn-Ake®" for short,  achieves it's skin smoothing result by mimicking the effects of waglerin-1, a polypeptide found in snake venom.  Waglerin-1 prevents sodium ion uptake in the muscle encouraging a relaxed state, releasing muscle tension in the tissue and softening the appearance of wrinkles caused by facial movement.  Because Syn-Ake® does not "paralyze" the muscles at a deep level like botox, you experience a reduction in wrinkles, without the "poker face" or possible "facial droop" associated with over treatment of botox. 

The benefits?

  • reduction in depth of crows feet
  • softens forehead lines + between brows
  • reduction in "smokers" lines
  • extends life of botox treatments

Find Syn-Ake® and many other wonderful anti-agers in BV-9 Platinum Provectus Super Serum with bee venom

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