5 Easy Steps to Gorgeous Skin.

Have you ever felt a little overwhelmed with the number of products and suggestions associated with an effective skin care routine? If so, you are not alone. Todays media has an endless number of "must do's" to keep our skin looking healthy. The truth is, when it comes to products, the greatest benefit can be found in a few "core" truths that keep things simple yet provide noticeable results.  Here's our 5.

A Gentle Cleanse

Still going to bed with your make up on? A big no no.  For skin to glow, it's important to have a clean canvas.  Our skin collects pollution, oils and dirt as we are out and about.  Be sure to remove the debris of the day with a bedtime cleanse at the very least.

  • always cleanse before bed to remove the days dirt & debris
  • remove make up before bed to prevent breakouts and blemishes


It's hard to see the "master piece" if it is hidden behind a sheet. A gentle exfoliation 2-3 times a week, using an acid or enzyme based product will do wonders at keeping skin glowing and healthy looking. Just don't over do it, a couple of minutes is more than enough, anything more may just be drying out your skin. We recommend avoiding products containing "granules" such as crushed walnut or other types of abrasive materials as these can scratch the skin allowing bacteria to enter and flourish (breakouts and inflammation anyone?) 

  • avoid abrasive, "scratchy" products
  • look for alpha / beta hydroxy acids
  • don't over do it, 2-3 times a week is usually enough (listen to your skin, if it becomes irritated pull back)

Apply A Powerhouse Serum

Always apply your serum BEFORE your cream. To work, your serum has to penetrate the skin, plus, it needs to contain enough of the good stuff to make a difference.  Too many products today are fillers and fluff with very little active ingredient (but they still have a huge price tag).  Look for peptides and other beneficial ingredients near the top of the ingredient list as we want to really get that collagen production stimulated. ( Our Provectus Super Serum is a great place to start for a serious serum for maximum results.)

  • look for peptides such as copper, "Tri"/"Penta"/"Oligo"/"Di" Peptides
  • a generous amount of antioxidants
  • the key to healthy collagen


Keep skin supple and dewy with a good moisturizer. Fine lines and wrinkles will be instantly plumped away leaving skin healthy and more youthful looking. Look for products that are dual purpose as you don't need a separate day/night/eye cream if your product is packed with great ingredients. (Try our Platinum AntiAging Bee Venom Cream )

  • look for plenty of antioxidants
  • should absorb, not just sit on the skin
  • instantly reduces fine lines & wrinkles

SunBlock & Makeup 

One of the greatest preventative measures you can take is wear your sunscreen.  We suggest a skin friendly mineral based product containing titanium and zinc for maximum broad spectrum protection. 

Find great products, and then keep it simple, for skin that glows gorgeous!



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