The 4 steps of Layering Skin Care

You've invested in some fantastic skin care products, but how do you know if you're applying them in a way that permits the greatest benefit to your skin?  Here's our thoughts on the best way to approach a simplified routine, and keep your skin glowing and gorgeous at any age!

After you have cleansed or exfoliated...


A great serum should be loaded with beneficial ingredients such as peptides and antioxidants. In order to make a difference these wonderfully potent compounds need to get right into the skin where they can stimulate fibroblasts to product collagen and really deal with any signs of aging. By applying serums first, we ensure that no other products are creating a barrier which may block proper penetration of the skin.  


Applying a layer of luxurious hydration should be the next step. Moisturizers should be rich in hydrating compounds such as hyaluronic acid and ideally contain a mixture rich in vitamins, antioxidants and skin soothers. 

# 2a: If you are using a retinol for night  

Although it's not for everyone, if you are using a retinol as a part of your night routine, we recommend applying it after your serum and moisturizer. You'll get the benefit without interfering with the absorption of your other products, plus you'll experience less inflammation.


A staple of any skin care routine, sunscreen (we suggest a mineral based product) should be applied after serums and moisturizers. Not only does sunscreen block the skin aging rays of the sun, but it also creates a barrier that would keep serums + moisturizers on the surface. 


You don't have to wear makeup, but if you do, it's always your last and final step in the entire process.

Here's to beautiful skin and getting the most out of amazing skin care products! 

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