Is organic skin care really better?

We've been formulating for many years & we've seen all kinds of ingredients come and go. Originally we began creating our own products because we felt there was a better way to get results for our clients.  We had worked with countless skin care lines and found many Cosmeceutical brands featured a key active ingredient surrounded by lots of questionable or even harmful compounds, and we never felt the organic lines delivered much beyond moisture and anti-oxidants. With the organic skin care there was often the question of spoilage as well, which has the potential to really mess up skin & health (think moulds and bacteria, even if you can't see it). Our clients deserved better.

And so we began creating custom formulations, full of all the good stuff your skin needs to look and feel fantastic.

bee venom skin care organic skin care  organic skin care

For maximum result...

If you really want your skin care products to make a difference in the health and appearance of your skin, then you need to use the best ingredients from both worlds.  By combining amazing active synthetics with natures wonderful organics, we can maximize the result. Organics & synthetics together, this is where the greatest benefit exists.

So who's right, the organic industry or the cosmeceutical industry? The truth lies in between.

Some will continue to push organics while others will market synthetic cosmeceuticals, in reality there are good AND bad ingredients in both categories. The key is selecting ingredients that are safe, effective and soothing to the skin while avoiding the organics & synthetics that are toxic or irritating. Skin will have all the good stuff it needs to repair damage, produce collagen and calm inflammation.

I always find it interesting when companies say things like "our products are chemical free" since everything is made up of various combinations of chemicals. Again, the key is whether these chemicals are safe for our bodies, not whether they are found in nature or created by knowledgeable scientists in a lab.      

Did you know? In skincare, whether an ingredient is organic or synthetic, an irritant is still an irritant. Paprika, peppermint, menthol, lavender, rosemary, sandalwood & various essential oils are just a few ingredients that can be found in organic products that are proven skin irritants. Irritation can encourage a breakdown in collagen and the ability of skin to heal. If you have rosacea these are definitely a no no. Angry sensitized skin, often has a link to the products you're putting on it.

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