3 Reasons to avoid Mineral Oil in Skin Care

We have a very high expectation of what a skin care product should contain, and our standard is even higher for a prestige product. For that reason, At benir, we avoid the use of mineral oil and mineral oil variations. Here are 3 great reasons to avoid high end products containing mineral oil.

3 reasons to avoid mineral oil in skin care

It Doesn't really do anything. 

If you love ingredients that simply sit on top of the skin, providing an oily feeling barrier and not much else, then mineral oil is for you. It feels like it's providing a rich hydration, but the molecule of mineral oil is too large to penetrate into the skin.

In fact, by using a product that is heavily formulated with mineral oil and it's variations, you may actually be preventing all the good stuff (that may be in your product) from actually penetrating into the skin to provide it's intended benefit. Plus, if you have a tendency to break out, it's not a great option.

It's Cheap

Cosmetic companies love to create mass produced products that maximize their bottom line. One of the reasons mineral oils are so widely used is because it is an extremely cheap petrochemical, and provides the illusion of hydration. Not such a big deal if you've only spent a few dollars on a drugstore brand, but if you're spending big bucks on an expensive top brand you don't want mineral oils in the top 2 or 3 ingredients...which is more common than you would expect.  

Does it cause cancer?

There are many opinions and conflicting studies on mineral oil and it's influence on various diseases. At this point, all we can say is the less refined the mineral oil, the more likely it is to contain toxins and carcinogenic compounds. To minimize possible exposure, look for "pharmaceutical grade" or "mineral oil USP" which guarantee a purified cosmetic grade mineral oil. Either way, we avoid mineral oil because even if it's safe, it doesn't do anything beneficial for skin quality.

Mineral oil may be listed as any of the following...

  • Baby Oil
  • Petrolatum
  • Liquid Paraffin
  • Albolene
  • Lignite Oil
  • Mineral Seed Oil
  • Adepsine Oil
  • Drakeol
  • White Oil


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