Why you don't need a Day, Night & Eye cream

What if you could get velvety soft skin and all it took was one product? Many product lines are divided into day, night and eye creams within the same range, but the truth is, if you have the right product all it takes is one cream to get results.


Seperate day and night cream?

  • Some will say the skin has special requirements at night due to the fact that we do the majority of our healing while we sleep. In reality, our skin needs nutrition 24/7, and a great skin care cream can have everything you need for day and night in one product.
  • Some creams marketed as "night creams" contain retinol which can make the skin photosensitive. Keep in mind your skin will still be photosensitive in the morning as well. We have used day creams with encapsulated retinol without any issues. The key here is to always wear a broad spectrum SPF 25+, and avoid excessive sun exposure.
  • Some creams are advertised as "day creams" due to the fact they contain an SPF. Our recommendation....purchase a separate SPF product and apply after your anti-aging serum and cream to ensure proper penetration of active ingredients. A seperate SPF also ensures the proper level of sun protection is being applied.
  • Generally, companies will "spread" their active ingredients into multiple products to increase revenue opportunities.

The eye area requires special attention.

  • Not really. The skin around the eye area is thinner, prone to aging and doesn't contain it's own oil glands to encourage moisture production. The eye area also endures a lot of dynamic motion with smiling and expression encouraging lines and wrinkles. That being said, a well formulated cream, containing an active list of hydrating ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, and peptides is just as good for the eye area as the surrounding facial area and will diminish signs of aging and aid in cellular repair. 
  • exceptions: products containing retinol, SPF, or acids should not be placed close to the eye to prevent irritation.

Everything you need in your moisturizer. Our BV-9 Platinum bee venom cream, has been formulated to be deeply hydrating and full of wonderful anti-aging ingredients for velvety soft, more youthful looking skin. Luxuriously rich, yet it fully absorbs without leaving a "film" behind or clogging pores. Forget cupboards full of product...one moisturizer does it all.


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