9 Skin Care Innovations + Beauty Discoveries. Courtesy Beauty Professor.

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It's always a pleasure to be a part of one of The Beauty Professor's amazing posts! A true "Guru" "in the know", Rachel has an eye for uncovering the absolute best the beauty world has to offer.  You can find our Benir Elevare home treatment device and our BV9 Platinum anti-aging serum included in her latest finds. 

(6) Benir Beauty Elevate LED lifting device with Micro-current and RF: Combining red-light therapy with radio frequency, this genius tool is the first of its kind; with regular treatments, skin becomes firmer, brighter and more lifted in nature while ultimately being more receptive to the skincare that follows. I can't wait to continue to experiment with this multifaceted work of art and recommend it for those seeking the ultimate expanse of features in a handheld facial device.

(7) Benir Beauty Vitae Super Serum: A perfect companion to the ELEVARE, this inventive formula offers an effective alternative to Botox. Fortified with neuropeptides including  Argireline, the proprietary blend of bee venom and Matrixyl 3000 work together to stimulate collagen production and soften expression lines without invasive tactics. As aforementioned, heighten the effects of the formula with the ELEVARE tool for maximum results. 


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