Day, Night & Eye...One anti-aging cream does it all.

It seems most skincare companies fragment their skin moisturizers into various parts, products for day use, products for night use, and even separate products for the eye area. The question is, does our skin really require multiple products to achieve optimal results? We don't think so. Here's a few reasons why we don't support this viewpoint.

  • Skin has special requirements at night.

Myth. We often hear it said that the skin has a unique need for nutrients at night due to the healing process that occurs. The truth is, skin is always repairing itself, both day and night, and craves the best active ingredients 24/7. A well formulated moisturizer, that contains all of the necessary antioxidants and skin repairing ingredients, will benefit the skin both day and night.

Many day creams contain SPF which is unnecessary for night. We recommend a separate broad spectrum SPF product containing titanium dioxide and zinc oxide to avoid irritation that often accompanies the chemical based sunscreens when applying to facial areas.. 

  • The eye area has unique needs.

Another misconception. There is no evidence to suggest that the skin around our eyes requires a unique approach to the rest of our skin. If a product is well formulated and full of great skin repairing ingredients, it can be used on all areas, including the eyes with wonderful results. In fact, products such as BV-9 platinum anti-aging bee venom cream, contain a high level of ingredients that calm inflammation and provide a healing benefit to the thinner skinned eye area.

bee venom cream

Our recommendation? Keep it simple! Look for a moisturizer that is full of active compounds and feels fantastic on your skin. Use it day, night, around your eyes, and your skin will feel nourished, hydrated and beautifully healthy. 

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