The Blush Stops Here. This anti-aging bee venom cream is getting a lot of buzz.

In 2011, Kate Middleton made bee venom famous when she prepared for her royal wedding with a luxurious bee venom facial.

Since then, other celebrities have turned to bee venom as a natural alternative to injectable fillers, like Botox, with anti-aging properties.

Shelley Collins, founder of Benir Beauty, recognized the opportunity to create skin care solutions that actively revitalize skin, rather than just mask problems with short-term results.

After working with different skin types and seeing firsthand how pure ingredients can actively repair skin with visible results, Benir Beauty has launched its debut product: BV-9 Platinum.

BV-9 Platinum is an anti-aging cream with a formula that nourishes, replenishes, and activates skin’s natural fillers. Key ingredients include:

  • Bee Venom—A pure anti-inflammatory and healing ingredient with anti-bacterial properties that refreshes skin.
  • Argireline—A natural solution that relaxes lines and wrinkles by mildly interrupting nerve impulses.
  • Coenzyme Q-10—A potent anti-oxidant that heals skin and provides anti-aging support.
  • Copper Ferment—An anti-oxidant that softens and smooths skin naturally by encouraging collagen production and reducing scarring.
  • Hyaluronic Acid—An ultra-hydrating ingredient that retains moisture for a light, dewy skin feeling.

“Products created with pure ingredients eliminate problems and result in healthy, happy skin,” says Collins, who notes that the abundance of skin care choices can be overwhelming.

BV-9 Platinum is creating a new category for skin care that features active ingredients that only improve skin–with no fillers or diluted quantities. After testing a sample of BV-9 platinum with its silky softness and unique smoothing properties, I have to agree.

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