Do you really need Botox?

Botox continues to be a highly sought after and extremely popular treatment in most urban and metropolitan centres. If you're like us you may not be a huge fan of needles. My preference is to avoid them altogether, but then I'm not one to treat signs of aging at all costs. Non-invasive is my thing, and I don't want foreign substances injected under my skin. But we all have our preferences.

Our search for an alternative led us to neuropeptides. Incorporating neuropeptides into your routine is a great way to gently soften the topical nerve impulses in the skin, to relax and soften surface tension to release wrinkles. No side effects, and no poker face. Plus, if you are a user of botox these types of compounds may lengthen the effectiveness of your injectable.

Why wouldn't you want to add a product that offers these kind of results into your skin care program?

At Benir, we've created a customized mix of Syn-Ake, Argireline and Bee Venom (no bees are harmed...ever)  to target dynamic lines and wrinkles for a softer, more rested skin complexion, and we've included this in our advanced home treatment serum, BV-9 Platinum Provectus. Lightweight, completely absorbs, and full of everything you need for healthy timeless skin.

Syn-Ake, Argireline & Bee Venom:

  • Reduce dynamic facial movement to minimize line and wrinkle formation
  • Encourage blood flow to the facial area, nourishing fibroblasts to replace collagen (our bodies own "fillers") 
  • Reduce inflammation to counter the effects of aging
  • Helps release surface tension to soften deep wrinkles reducing their appearance, without "poker face"
  • Create an overall more youthful, rested and dewy appearance

And no needles!

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*As with any bee venom product, do not use on broken skin, or if you have bee sting allergies. 

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