Decelerate AGE-ing

Have a sweet tooth? You're not alone. Who doesn't love a sweet treat now and then! The problem? refined sugars and carbohydrates accelerate the formation of "AGE's".

Keys to healthy aging and a youthful skin complexion

Regardless of sex, race, background, we obviously all age. And while it may seem like we have no choice but to just "go with the flow" and let the hand of time do its worst, many signs of aging are not inevitable. With a little awareness and some great skin care products, we can look our best, and experience healthy skin aging, well into the "golden years."

Marta at "truth in Aging" reviews BV-9 Platinum Bee Venom Cream.

Bee venom and copper peptides – now there was an irresistible combination! I have long been a convert to copper peptides as a powerful anti-aging ingredient and more recently become convinced by the curious power of bee venom. To see the two together in Bénir Beauty’s BV-9 Platinum ($143) had this ingredient geek almost palpitating with excitement.

My expectations have been more than met.....

The Blush Stops Here. This anti-aging bee venom cream is getting a lot of buzz.

In 2011, Kate Middleton made bee venom famous when she prepared for her royal wedding with a luxurious bee venom facial.  Since then, other celebrities have turned to bee venom as a natural alternative to injectable fillers, like Botox, with anti-aging properties.

Benir Beauty, recognized the opportunity to create skin care solutions that actively revitalize skin, rather than just mask problems with short-term results.

"Products created with pure ingredients eliminate problems and result in healthy, happy skin." BV-9 Platinum is creating a new category for skin care that features active ingredients that only improve skin--with no fillers or diluted quantities. After testing a sample of BV-9 Platinum with its silky softness and unique smoothing properties, I have to agree.

Day, Night & Eye...One anti-aging cream does it all.

It seems most skin care companies fragment their skin moisturizers into various parts, products for day use, products for night use, and even separate products for the eye area. The question is, does our skin really require multiple products to achieve optimal results? We don't think so. Here's some reasons why we don't support this viewpoint...