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Sales of bee venom creams and masks have soared since Camilla "the Dutchess of Cornwall" and Kate Middleton announced this was a secret to their improved skin appearance.  The addition of bee venom in skin creams has many benefits, and in fact the use of bee venom stretches back centuries to the time of ancient Egypt.  Charlemagne, the king of the Franks was known to have been treated with bee venom via "live stings" to help with joint ailments.  So what exactly is bee venom all about, and what can it do? 

Here's what we know:

  • There are at least 18 active compounds in bee venom
  • Mellitin induces a powerful healing and anti-inflammatory benefit
  • Adolapin has an anti-inflammatory and pain blocking benefit
  • Antibacterial
  • Improves skin's blood flow to nourish collagen production
  • Used as an injectable treatment for arthritis.
  • Currently being researched for it's benefits in a variety of ailments

How does a bee venom cream benefit my skin?

Bee venom addresses two of the primary causes of premature aging and the formation of lines and wrinkles: inflammation in the skin and loss of collagen. Bee venom reduces inflammation to prevent skin damage, and subtly increases blood flow to the treated skin, nourishing the fibroblasts and encouraging them to produce fresh collagen (our bodies own fillers). This in turn creates a fresh, vibrant effect in the skin and replaces the "fullness" we lose with age, filling out wrinkles and lines from underneath.  Best of all, there is no paralyzing effect to achieve this reduction in wrinkles such as with botox. 

  • reduces skin inflammation
  • stimulates collagen production
  • heals skin damage
  • reduces signs of aging

When combined with a potent mix of anti-aging ingredients and skin nourishing compounds, bee venom can noticeably improve the health and appearance of skin, creating a velvety soft and ultra hydrated complexion. 

At benir, our bee venom cream contains only the highest grade bee venom. Considered "grade 1" bee venom, it is pure enough to be used in injectable treatments and administered directly into the body.

bee venom cream

Are any bee's harmed in the collection process?

We love nature! and always avoid any process that causes harm to living things. Bee venom is collected in a sustainable way, and no bee's are harmed in the process. To collect the venom, the bee keepers expose the bee's to a very mild current through a glass pane. The bee's can sense this (it's too mild for us to detect) and press their stingers against the glass, leaving their venom behind. Since they keep their stingers, they continue to live to produce bee venom another day. 



So you don't want botox? Try Bee Venom & Argireline. 0

Botox continues to a be highly sought after and extremely popular treatment in most urban and metropolitan centres. People are competitive and we all want to look our absolute best!  But what if you could minimize the formation of dynamic lines and wrinkles, while actually making a noticeable difference in the health of your skin at the same time. Wouldn't you want to add a product that offers these kind of results into your skin care program?

At benir we have created highly concentrated formulations that combine some of the most active and cutting edge skin care and anti aging ingredients available, including bee venom and acetyl hexapeptide-8 (argireline). Our latest product BV-9 Platinum anti aging cream is also extremely hydrating, yet it fully absorbs into the skin for optimal results.

Bee venom and argireline togethor:

  • encourage blood flow to the facial area, nourishing fibroblasts to replace collagen (our bodies own "fillers")¬†
  • reduce inflammation to counter the effects of aging
  • reduce dynamic facial movement to minimize line and wrinkle formation
  • Work from beneath the skin to "fill" deep wrinkles reducing their appearance
  • Create an overall more youthful, rested and dewy appearance

We personally love the rich texture of the BV-9 anti aging bee venom cream, and the way it completely absorbs into the skin without leaving any residue or film behind on the skin. The result is a soft, youthful dewiness and healthy skin that defies time. And no needles!

 bee venom cream bv-9 platinum

*As with any bee venom product, do not use on broken skin, or if you have bee sting allergies. 



Benir Beauty launches "BV Nine Platinum" Bee Venom cream at Glow Luxe 0

bee venom cream bv-9 platinum canada
Bee venom the secret weapon of British royals such as Kate Middleton, and European celebrities such as Kylie Minogue has bee hot on the beauty radar recently.  Bee venom, a powerful weapon against premature aging has gotten a "super boost" with this new formulation from benir. Designed to provide the maximum benefit for velvety soft and luxuriously supple skin that glows gorgeously.