Lets shine some light on a secret to gorgeous skin.

Maybe you've seen your favourite celebrity reclined under a full facial LED array, or peering from behind a mysterious looking facial mask emitting red or blue wavelengths of light? 

People are starting to discover a secret we've known since around 2002 when we starting working with variations of cold laser...light can turn back the clock on aging and solve a variety of skin related concerns.

Did we mention it can do all this without any pain, inflammation, tissue damage or downtime associated with traditional laser? Read on to find out more, or explore our Unicorn Cold Laser Mask to get the benefits of clinical treatment from the comfort of home.


1. LED Cold Laser Reduces Wrinkle Depth And Rejuvenates Skin 

LED cold laser light for wrinkles reduction

Photo-biomodulation (PBM) or Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) directly stimulates the regenerative processes in the skin for improved function of collagen producing fibroblasts, keratinocytes and immune cells. Think a plumper more vibrant complexion, softened wrinkles and skin that behaves in a more robust and youthful way. Yes please!

2. Cold Laser Improves Skin Texture 

Cold laser LLLT mask for improved skin texture 

LLLT stimulates the wound healing and tissue repair response in our skin, leading to a rejuvenated appearance and evening out of complexion while softening the skins texture.


3. Cold Laser Treats Rosacea, Acne And Aging 

Led cold laser treatment for anti-aging

Depending on the wavelengths selected, cold laser can target signs of aging to reduce wrinkles and improve firmness, eliminate or reduce pimples and acne breakouts, reduce inflammation and the troublesome symptoms of rosacea.   


Want to find out more about cold laser and how it can help your particular concern? Send all your questions to info@benirbeauty.com we would love to hear from you!




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