the secret to glowing skin. skinimalism.

The Secret to Glowing Skin? Skinimalism

At Benir, we've always believed that when you have amazing products that are well formulated, less-is-more. It looks like the beauty world is finally catching on! Have you heard of "Skinimalism?"


It's labelled a "trend", but truthfully we should all be embracing this way of thinking when it comes to beauty and skincare.

It's all about becoming comfortable with our imperfections and feeling confident in our own skin. It's about recognizing that you don't need to hide behind layers of makeup. It's about selecting a few key "hero" skincare products, and keeping your routine focused and effective. Think of it as a less-is-more approach to taking care of ourselves and our skin.

Fewer products. Better products. Simpler routines.


Identify your skin's needs and concerns, and choose products that are tailored to those specific needs. Using too many unnecessary products can actually do more harm than good. 


Focus on using gentle products that are free of harsh chemicals, fragrances/perfume and other irritants. Look for products that are formulated with antioxidants, hyaluronic acid and other ingredients that are proven to provide a benefit to the skin.

Make sure there isn't "overlap" in your routine, such as multiple products containing retinol or different types of acid. 


Keep your routine simple and streamlined. Many of the skin problems people people present to us are the result of too many products. For most, a cleanser, serum, moisturizer and sunblock will be all that's needed for healthy, glowing skin. When you're using great products, you won't need many to achieve amazing looking skin!


Skinimalism encourages us to be more comfortable with our natural beauty and simplify the daily routines we follow in our self care. Eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly, get enough sleep, manage stress and be kind to yourself!

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