What the big skin care companies don't want you to know.

What would you expect to see in a high end skin care product? We decided to take a closer look at a popular "anti-aging" serum, created by one of the big cosmetic manufacturers, with a price tag of $230 U.S. (1oz size).

The marketing is brilliant. How can you go wrong when you paint the image of a "magic elixir" that turns back signs of aging? You would think that this product was delivering large quantities of beneficial skin saving ingredients...wouldn't you?

I won't mention the product by name, but I will say that what we found was eye-opening, yet somewhat saddening. We really long for an industry based on truth and honesty. Without a background in cosmetic chemistry you would have a difficult time getting past the marketing and understanding what you were really buying.

Here's what we found.....

popular skin care serum

In a product containing a total of 47 ingredients, 35 were preservatives or compounds to provide a particular feel or texture, providing no real benefit to the skin. The first ingredient was water (not uncommon). 2 ingredients were dye to create a pleasing color, and both had health concerns attached to them. 2 ingredients were perfume/fragrance which can be a mixture of hundreds of different chemicals, many of them endocrine (hormone) disruptors.

Of 47 ingredients listed, only 7 are active in any way, and a few of those are low quality choices as anti-oxidants or skin hydrators.

This is a great example of how many companies keep costs down in their formulations by using cheap fillers and only "dust" the product with active ingredients. Most of their efforts go into creating a product that feels and smells good, and designing a convincing marketing program.

You deserve better. Our products at Benir Beauty will always contain a high level of beneficial ingredients...that's a promise.



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