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6 ways that menopause may affect your skin. 0

Menopause and how it can affect your skin.

Over 50% of women surveyed recently by a well known skincare brand stated that menopause or peri-menopause and the associated changes they were experiencing had left them with decreased confidence in their appearance. Many more struggled with symptoms such as...

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Introducing Vitae Skin Renewal with vegan bee venom 0

Are you serious about aging well? Combining a powerful mix of anti-agers, peptides, anti-inflammatories and anti-oxidants with our own unique take on vegan bee venom, our latest launch from Benir checks all the boxes.vegan bee venom Vitae anti-aging cream
  • Kurt Collins

So you have adult acne and sensitized skin? 0

It happens over and over again. She's embarrassed, and almost apologetic over her condition. Her skin shows signs of breakouts and the redness of inflammation. As we talk it becomes very apparent that she's struggling to make sense of the recommendations that she's following from social media, online "experts' and beauty counters. Her home routine is overwhelming and encompasses too many...

coconut oil is bad for your skin

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Wrinkles, dullness, sun damage, acne? Include acid based products for amazing skin. 0

The word acid sounds scary doesn't it? Luckily there are a vast variety of acids available that are safe for the skin and provide all sorts of benefits. Here's some of our favourites below which you can incorporate into your home skin care routine for amazing results.

acids for skin care

  • Hilary Yu

Lets shine some light on a secret to gorgeous skin. 0

People are starting to discover a secret we've known since around 2002 when we starting working with variations of cold laser...light can turn back the clock on aging and solve a variety of skin related concerns.

led cold laser anti-aging mask for home treatment

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