Benir Beauty Skin Care - Meet our founder


My passion is skin. Your skin. I take the trust my clients have placed in me to create a gorgeous complexion very seriously. I love what I do, skin care has been my passion for over 30 years, and I've created my exclusive line, Benir, out of desire and necessity. Necessity, because many of my clients (as well as myself) have reactive rosacea prone skin which requires a gentle touch. Desire, because I want products for my clients that will deliver on their anti-aging promises...results are a must.

My background in cosmetic chemistry, and time spent working with clients in New York, Toronto and Montreal provide me with the unique insight and understanding to address the challenges faced by those with a desire to effectively take care of their skin. Over the years, I've become known as an anti-aging/sensitive skin authority and educator, cultivating a clientele that have very reactive skin, but are also aging and want to take care of their skin as naturally as possible.

For my clients, it's important to have active ingredients that help with aging, without irritating or inflaming sensitive skin. I only use safe, non-irritating botanicals and plant extracts in combination with lab derived ingredients proven to help with aging and healing, to keep skin at it's most beautiful. Science and nature combined, this is where the greatest result can be found.  

Benir cream and serum have been formulated with extreme care, in small carefully controlled batches to ensure the highest quality products. I believe products should be created free of fillers such as silicones / dimethicone, parabens or certain photo-sensitizing essential oils which are often at the root of many skin problems, including hyperpigmentation and irritation.  I only want products that are high in active ingredients to ensure a beautiful result.

I've put all of myself into these products, with a personal promise of truth and integrity to my clients. Your skin is my ultimate priority.

If you let me, I will take you on a new skin care journey of simplicity and unparalleled results in your new skin care program.

Shelley XOXO