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"I suffer from Rosacea and I also have fine skin which is sensitive to many ingredients in skin creams. I have been using Bénir Beauty BV-9 Platinum for 6 months and love it. It feels luxurious to apply and leaves my skin soft and hydrated. I'm really grateful to find a cream that in no way irritates my skin and leaves it looking wonderful."

Marilyn  (Feb 12, 2014)


"My expectations have been more than met. Bénir Beauty’s BV-9 Platinum anti-aging cream with bee venom is indeed a very good moisturizer and wrinkle repair cream. I have been very pleased with the results on face and neck and in particular have seen results on some stubborn lines. This is definitely a keeper"

Marta - Truth in Aging


"This antiaging cream is amazing! Packed full of nourishing active ingredients to make your skin healthy and glowing. Im using it myself and absolutely LOVE it!"

K. Mclay (Tulipe Noir)

"An anti-aging hero formulated to wipe away the years. This deliciously light textured cream has so much to offer...due to its abundance of moisture giving and youth enhancing ingredients.

Sarah Mitchell (Binge on Beauty)


"...a potent anti-aging bee venom cream that really delivers."

Victoria Mason (The Find)


"Over a period of 30 days of use, you will notice a marked improvement in the appearance of laugh lines."...Hue Knew It


"BV-9 Platinum is creating a new category for skin care that features active ingredients that only improve skin–with no fillers or diluted quantities. After testing a sample of BV-9 platinum I have to agree"....The Blush Stops Here.


METSV says, ummmm... hello? What's not to love here? A one-stop shop for all of your skincare needs, Benir Beauty gives us the highly-buzzed about BV Nine cream. I received a sample (as shown above - note the empty jar) and wiped it out in about a week using it three times every other day; more than enough to intrigue me... There wasn't anything not to like about the cream - from the easy way it absorbed right into my skin, to the softness it imparted, to the way I think it softened the lines around my eyes, to the soft green-tea scent - this cream is a powerhouse of actives and good for your skin ingredients that just may have you holding off on visiting the doctor for a different kind of sting - a needle! I may or may not be just a tad obsessed with Princess Kate and when I heard she is a fan of bee venom in her facials and skincare I was all "well, if it's good for Kate, then it's good for me!" Benir takes it up a notch by including a host of other actives like hyaluronic acid, argireline, CoQ10, ALA, and other top-notch ingredients that are good for the health and youthfulness of your skin. I was hooked just from the sample - definitely a product that you'll want to check into. I think the buzz will just keep growing....The Style Apothecary