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Bee venom and copper peptides – now there was an irresistible combination! I have long been a convert to copper peptides as a powerful anti-aging ingredient and more recently become convinced by the curious power of bee venom. To see the two together in Bénir Beauty’s BV-9 Platinum ($143) had this ingredient geek almost palpitating with excitement.

My expectations have been more than met.....

Fashion Affair Magazine rates BV-9 Bee Venom Cream "the best of 2013" 0

Benir Beauty recently received honors from Fashion Affair magazine as one of the best new moisturizers of 2013! You can view the stunning product layout online here: (page 164-165)

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The Style Apothecary reviews our BV-9 bee venom anti-aging cream. Another positive review!

BV-9 Bee Venom Cream review




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Here's the latest media coverage for BV-9 Platinum Bee Venom Cream. Courtesy of "Hue Knew It."

The Blush Stops Here. This anti-aging bee venom cream is getting a lot of buzz. 0

In 2011, Kate Middleton made bee venom famous when she prepared for her royal wedding with a luxurious bee venom facial.  Since then, other celebrities have turned to bee venom as a natural alternative to injectable fillers, like Botox, with anti-aging properties.

Benir Beauty, recognized the opportunity to create skin care solutions that actively revitalize skin, rather than just mask problems with short-term results.

"Products created with pure ingredients eliminate problems and result in healthy, happy skin." BV-9 Platinum is creating a new category for skin care that features active ingredients that only improve skin--with no fillers or diluted quantities. After testing a sample of BV-9 Platinum with its silky softness and unique smoothing properties, I have to agree.