Decelerate AGE-ing

Have a sweet tooth? You're not alone. Who doesn't love a sweet treat now and then! The problem? refined sugars and carbohydrates accelerate the formation of "AGE's".

Can an anti wrinkle skin cream really make a difference?

Today's scientific breakthroughs, allow cosmetic formulators to work with advanced ingredients such as peptides and anti-oxidants. These ingredients actually penetrate into the skin cells and encourage repair and healing, collagen production, and the basis for skin to begin reversing some of the visible signs of aging. While we can't eliminate every wrinkle and crease, we can create a softer, smoother and healthier looking (and behaving) skin...and who wouldn't like that?

Marta at "truth in Aging" reviews BV-9 Platinum Bee Venom Cream.

Bee venom and copper peptides – now there was an irresistible combination! I have long been a convert to copper peptides as a powerful anti-aging ingredient and more recently become convinced by the curious power of bee venom. To see the two together in Bénir Beauty’s BV-9 Platinum ($143) had this ingredient geek almost palpitating with excitement.

My expectations have been more than met.....

Fashion Affair Magazine rates BV-9 Bee Venom Cream "the best of 2013"

Benir Beauty recently received honors from Fashion Affair magazine as one of the best new moisturizers of 2013! You can view the stunning product layout online here: (page 164-165)

The Style Apothecary. Bee Venom Cream review

The Style Apothecary reviews our BV-9 bee venom anti-aging cream. Another positive review!

BV-9 Bee Venom Cream review