Behind The Brand: Shelley Rollick-Collins 0

Introducing the visionary behind Benir's prestigious skin care products. With over 25 years of skin care experience as treatment provider, product formulator and industry innovator, Shelley knows what it takes to create a beautiful complexion. Her knowledge of organic and synthetic active ingredients allows for a unique insight when creating products that provide the greatest benefit to aging skin. 

We sat down to find out why she does what she does.

5 Easy Steps to Gorgeous Skin. 0

Have you ever felt a little overwhelmed with the number of products and suggestions associated with an effective skin care routine? If so, you are not alone. Todays media has an endless number of "must do's" to keep our skin looking healthy. The truth is, when it comes to products, the greatest benefit can be found in a few "core" truths that keep things simple yet provide noticeable results.  Here's our 5.

5 Keys to Skin Care Success. 0

When it comes to marketing, the skin care industry has it down to a slick science. With all the information available it can be a little overwhelming when we try to make decisions with the health and care of our skin in mind. We've taken a few common myths and cleared the air, so you'll have the inside scoop the next time you're selecting your skin care products.

Lets start with one of the biggest and most confusing myths....

Copper Peptides in Skin Care 0

Copper peptides  effectively treat wrinkles, scarring, inflammation,  and have been found to be especially effective in healing wounds and skin lesions.  After using copper peptides for 30 days, we're confident you'll notice the difference in your skin quality and appearance. 

The secret to chemical free skin care. 0

We see the words "chemical free" used liberally  to insinuate a more "natural" and therefore healthier skin care product for the consumer. If it's chemical free it must be good for us, and superior to other products, right?  How many times at the cosmetic counter have you heard the phrase, "this cream (or serum) is chemical free?"

Here's the catch...everything we touch, breathe, taste and absolutely every ingredient in your favourite skin care is made up of chemicals....