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Ingredients we don't want in our skincare. Part 1

In the past two decades, more and more of us have begun to question not only what we put in our bodies, but also the products we apply topically.  Studies in the U.S. show that over 10,000 of the 82,000 cosmetic ingredients used in person care products are industrial chemicals, with approximately 60% of the chemicals we apply to our skin being absorbed into the bloodstream. As a consumer it can be overwhelming and frustrating trying to avoid the various questionable ingredients, and more often than not we are not fully aware of exactly why they are considered harmful. Here's the first of a 2 part list of some common culprits. Remember, you won't find these in our products.

Why you don't need a Day, Night & Eye cream

What if you could get velvety soft skin and all it took was one product? Many product lines are divided into day, night and eye creams within the same range, but the truth is, if you have the right product all it takes is one cream to get results.

5 skin myths...busted.

The beauty industry is full of information, some true and some created to move product off the shelves....and then there are the "myths" we picked up along the way.....Here are five common skin care myths and the "real" story behind each one.

  • Collagen can be replaced using a topical collagen cream or by ingesting a collagen supplement.

It would be wonderful if it was just that easy! The truth is, the collagen molecule is too large to penetrate deep enough into the skin to "replace" lost collagen and sits helplessly on the surface unable to provide any real benefit. In regard to supplements, its somewhere in the middle. When we ingest collagen, it is broken down, as all proteins are, into it's base amino acids and then used by the body to repair tissues...You'll find a greater benefit from eating enough "complete proteins" such as fish, chicken or balanced protein shakes.  We do believe in serums containing high levels of peptides for encouraging collagen via ones skin care regime. 

  • Genetics determines how my skin ages.

Maybe mom or grandma aren't aging so well. Relax, there is still hope for you.  When it comes to appearance, habits tend to play a larger role in skin aging than genetics. Smoking, excessive stress, binge drinking, poor sleep habits (such as not enough sleep or sleeping on ones face) all lead to premature aging, wrinkles and poor skin quality. In short, take care of yourself, be sure to wear a broad spectrum sunscreen, and look forward to aging gracefully and gorgeously!

  • it's cloudy outside, I don't need a sunscreen! 

Did you know that up to 80% of UVA is able to penetrate cloud cover? This means that if you are out and about on a cloudy day, you are still encouraging cellular damage from UV exposure. Even in winter, snowfall can reflect UV resulting in burns and skin damage. Be sure to always wear at least an SPF 20 sunblock to prevent premature aging due to UV exposure. And remember, glass doesn't block UVA, so even sitting inside with window exposure leads to premature aging.

  • Expensive skincare products work best.

While price may reflect a high concentration of active ingredients, it's not the main indicator of a fantastic product. We've found pricy skin creams that are formulated poorly, with very little active ingredients as well as creams containing pricy (but useless) ingredients such as gold flakes and caviar. On the other end of things, a "cheap" price tag can indicate  lots of fillers and very little active ingredient. Our recommendation? read the label. If the ingredient list reads like a novel, contains words like "paraben" or "fragrance" or the active ingredients are way down the list, don't waste your time or your money.

  • A higher SPF is better.

No sunscreen is 100% effective at blocking out all UVA rays. That being said, the difference between an SPF 25 and an SPF80 is only a fraction of a percent. In the U.S. and Canada, label regulations are changing to allow for sunscreens to be marked 30+ to avoid the perception that a higher SPF is better and potentially encouraging prolonged sun exposure.  The key thing to remember: make sure your sunscreen is broad spectrum to protect against both UVA + UVB radiation. We prefer Zinc oxide and Titanium dioxide based formulations. 



So you don't want botox? Try Bee Venom & Argireline.

Botox continues to a be highly sought after and extremely popular treatment in most urban and metropolitan centres. People are competitive and we all want to look our absolute best!  But what if you could minimize the formation of dynamic lines and wrinkles, while actually making a noticeable difference in the health of your skin at the same time. Wouldn't you want to add a product that offers these kind of results into your skin care program?

At benir we have created highly concentrated formulations that combine some of the most active and cutting edge skin care and anti aging ingredients available, including bee venom and acetyl hexapeptide-8 (argireline). Our latest product BV-9 Platinum anti aging cream is also extremely hydrating, yet it fully absorbs into the skin for optimal results.

Bee venom and argireline togethor:

  • encourage blood flow to the facial area, nourishing fibroblasts to replace collagen (our bodies own "fillers") 
  • reduce inflammation to counter the effects of aging
  • reduce dynamic facial movement to minimize line and wrinkle formation
  • Work from beneath the skin to "fill" deep wrinkles reducing their appearance
  • Create an overall more youthful, rested and dewy appearance

We personally love the rich texture of the BV-9 anti aging bee venom cream, and the way it completely absorbs into the skin without leaving any residue or film behind on the skin. The result is a soft, youthful dewiness and healthy skin that defies time. And no needles!

 bee venom cream bv-9 platinum

*As with any bee venom product, do not use on broken skin, or if you have bee sting allergies. 



Benir Beauty launches "BV Nine Platinum" Bee Venom cream at Glow Luxe

bee venom cream bv-9 platinum canada
Bee venom the secret weapon of British royals such as Kate Middleton, and European celebrities such as Kylie Minogue has bee hot on the beauty radar recently.  Bee venom, a powerful weapon against premature aging has gotten a "super boost" with this new formulation from benir. Designed to provide the maximum benefit for velvety soft and luxuriously supple skin that glows gorgeously.