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Also harnessing these untamed local resources is Vancouver Island alchemist and paramedical aesthetician Shelley Rollick-Collins, who launched her ultra-luxe Bénir Beauty line three years ago. In her BV-9 Platinum Provectus Super Serum, seaweed extract is the first-listed ingredient. “It’s very hydrating and has natural hyaluronic acid, which helps tighten skin,” she says. To be sure, all this skin care that mines seaweed’s vitamins, minerals, and omegas sounds almost good enough to eat. And it is: think of it as food for the face.


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This just in from the beautiful Kristin Booth. 0

"This Elevare machine is seriously the best invention ever!! It's the perfect way to boost collagen and firm and tighten skin after a long day under the make up and lights. I use it with my benir beauty bee venom serum and follow it with the benir beauty moisturizer."

"All the ladies in the hair and make up trailer were testing it out, I barely got out of there with it still in hand. @kristinwayne is a fan and @katieholmes212 is trying out her benir beauty too!"

A huge thank-you to Kristin Booth! Watch for the official upcoming launch very soon!

Kristin Booth with the elevare from benir beauty

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NUVO magazine / summer 2016 0

Find us in the latest issue of NUVO magazine  (Read it here...)

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Kristin Booth (2 week before and after) 0

This is why we do what we do! 

Kristin Booth from Orphan Black, Signed Sealed Delivered and The Kennedy's had this to say about our BV-9 Platinum cream and serum... 

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Mother's Day Hot List. (94.5 Virgin Radio Vancouver) 0

Mother's day is coming up fast!...And we made Nira Arora of 94.5 Virgin radio's hot list for mother's day gifts!

You can check out the full list here...

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