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Do collagen drinks really work, or is it simply a fad? 0

We've been seeing plenty of articles lately touting the benefits of ingestible collagen. Whether you like your collagen in a capsule or prefer a drinkable powder, the question is...does it actually do anything for your skin?

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3 Reasons to avoid Mineral Oil in Skin Care 0

We have a very high expectation of what a skin care product should contain, and our standard is even higher for a prestige product. For that reason, At benir, we avoid the use of mineral oil and mineral oil variations. Here are 3 great reasons to avoid high end products containing mineral oil.

reasons to avoid mineral oil in skin care products

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Reactive or Rosacea prone skin types can benefit from Benir Skin Care. 0

If you have sensitized skin, or are prone to rosacea, you may have had an issue with inflammation or irritation triggered by a skin care product that was recommended as suitable for your skin type. When it comes to rosacea and sensitized skin, its very important to understand the reasons some products cause irritation, and what to look for in your products.

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This Just In...BV-9 Platinum AntiAging Bee Venom Cream / Vancouver Sun. 0

Recently in the Vancouver Sun, Arts + Life section

Vancouver Sun Arts + Life Anti-Aging Cream Benir Beauty

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5 Must Have Ingredients To Protect Skin For Fall & Winter 0

Fall & winter can play havoc with many skin types, especially those with sensitized and dehydrated skin. To keep skin in balance and functioning in a healthy way, we've put together a list of 5 "must have" skin care ingredients to keep your skin healthy, happy and hydrated. By incorporating these ingredients into your regular skin care program, you'll have gorgeous skin regardless of the season!

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